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The vision of Bethesda Siloam Medical Mission is to share God’s blessing by working with medical mission clinics throughout the world, and to help improve the centers by training members to help the local people they are serving. BSMM’s goal is to form a network of faithful Christians who have hearts to support missionaries around the world, to not only provide medical equipment, but also to fund missions and share the word of God.

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The purpose of Medical Mission is probably the most effective way to establish the trust and confidence in the local people so that God’s word can be spread much more rapidly. A missionary informed me that a medical mission can shortened the work of non-medical missionary work by 10 fold; one year or medical mission work opens up the door to the local people which would have taken 10 years for non-medical missionary to spread the God’s message. We are hoping you could join and share our vision in working together to help spread God’s message and love to make a difference in this world.

A huge thanks to the following organizations for their contributions


There are several ways you can help. You can pray for us, join our
team on a trip, donate medical equipment, or make a financial
contribution in the section above. Whatever it may be, we are
extremely grateful for your help & support!

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BSMM is organized  exclusively for charitable purposes, specifically the making of distributions of equipment to perform gastroenterological procedures to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under section 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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2021년을 되돌아 보며…

존경하는 BSMM 동역자 여러분, 코비드-19 전염병의 확산으로 점쳐진 올 한 해의 어려움을 헤쳐 나가면서 더욱 더 잘 깨닫게 된것은 세상의 모든 일 들이 하나님의 완전한 통제 하에 있다는 것입니다. 하나님께서는 약속하신 대로 주님 안에서 기도한 것에 대해서는 반드시 응답하셨고, 그의 왕국 확장을 위한 새로운 기회의 문을 열어 주셨습니다. 성령님께서 계속해서 저희에게 은혜를 부어 주셔서, 주님의

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Declare His glory among the nations, his marvelous works among all peoples!

1 Chronicles 16:24
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