Dr. John Ahn, Founder

Physician Advisor

A board certified gastroenterologist, John developed a deep passion for charitable work by dedicating himself to serving in his local church and in medical institutions. John founded Bethesda Siloam Medical Mission in 2017 after returning from a medical mission to Guatemala where he received God’s providence. He has held the position as President of North Pinellas Surgery Center, is currently the President of Advanced Anesthesia Associate Group and is an elected President of GastroFlorida in Tampa for next two years. John has served numerous leadership roles in his church to expand God’s kingdom. He was features in NBC cable TV show, the Fishing Story, for his medical mission work.

Dongil Han

Chief Operating Officer

Dongil specializes in planning and identifying mission sites in need of medical equipment, and provides gastrointestinal endoscopes and other supportive machinery. He previously assumed various engineering managerial positions for 20 years in the semiconductor product design field at companies such as Daewoo Electronics, Samsung Electronics in Korea and IBM in the U.S. As a born again Christian, Dongil has been involved in serving missionaries in Central and South American countries such as Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Guatemala and Peru. Dongil continues to seek a network of missionaries in the world by being integral to Bethesda Siloam Medical Mission’s vision of sharing God’s true work.

Dr. Donghwa Kim

Research advisor

Donghwa was Born in South Korea and moved to Tampa, U.S.A. He has Ph. D. degree at Korea and works at University of South Florida, College of Medicine and Heart Institute at downtown Tampa. He has been doing basic research for cell biology and Asthma related research for personalized medicine such as drug discovery and functional study for gene mutation.

Tiffany Ahn

Administrative Assistant

Although born and raised in Tampa, Florida, Tiffany has lived in various cities across the US. From getting a bachelors in philosophy, and ethics at Emory University, to teaching math at a Title 1 middle school in DC, she is now pursuing her masters in education policy at Columbia University’s Teachers College in New Yok City.Passionate about educational equity and its relationship with the law, she hopes to advocate for high-need communities by effectively reforming and analyzing policy implementation at
the federal and state levels.

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