Quezeltenango, Guatemala

July 20th, 2019

Dear friends,

    Although it is only July, this year has truly been a blessing for Bethesda Siloam Medical Mission(BSMM). In March we traveled to Quezeltenango, Guatemala to assist the Bethesda Clinica. Despite suffering two days of food poisoning, we were able to accomplish our goal of performing endoscopies and colonoscopies for the local people. The endoscopy machine we transported to the clinic is likely a rare piece of equipment in this city of 500,000: even a number of medical students came to observe the procedures. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to drive to Guatemala City, where I was able to teach the missionary Dr. Rev. Luke Rhyee how to conduct some of the procedures so that he may advance his skills in successfully treating patients in regards to gastrointestinal ailments.

    In May, we loaded medical equipment to a 40 foot container to send to Guatemala: two operating tables, two operating room lights, dental molding equipment and sterilizer, ten medical grade stainless cabinets, multiple chairs, IV poles, blanket warmers, and other medical supplies. The volunteers helped to load the equipment into the container which was then shipped to Miami, to ultimately be shipped to Guatemala. All the equipment and supplies arrived without any damage and remain in the clinic to be used to sever the local people.

    We are also working to send a 20 foot container filled with medical supplies and equipment to Hope Clinic in Haiti. However, we have encountered some difficulties going through Customs but are currently finding other ways to navigate through the heavy taxes will likely be imposed by the Haitian government.
More recently, members of BSMM were invited to present the goals and work of the organization to two Rotary Clubs in Dunedin, Florida. Furthermore, the clubs have introduced our mission work to their international charity division to partner with us in support; we are currently awaiting their decision. Later this year, we are hoping to travel to Vietnam with equipment to support another medical mission clinic run by a missionary physician. Although the traveling process will be no small feat, we believe we are called to this distant destination.

    In other news, The Lancet Commission on Global Surgery reported in 2015 support for the type of work that BSMM is engaged in, as an effective and sustainable way to assist people in the lease developed countries. A lack of medical and surgical equipment inadvertently causes many individuals to suffer from, and in extreme cases, die from otherwise simple illnesses such as appendicitis, gallbladder disease or infection from a minor trauma. Mission clinics and physicians, through BSMM, become critical resources where effective treatment can take place. Research published in The Word Journal of Surgery suggests that the surgical capabilities of developing nations can be improved through investments in medical equipment and surgical training programs.

    As always, we greatly appreciate your financial support for our cause to spread God’s word and through improving the lives of the people and communities we are serving beyond our borders. Your donations go directly to supplying the essential machinery and equipment, as well as assisting the volunteers who work at the mission clinics. We continue to humbly as for any gifts that you may be able to give, and for continued prayer for this mission work to be aligned with His word. Thanks be to God!

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